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Southwind apples are grown on the choice hillsides of a broad, deep valley near the town of Dakota, which nestles on the banks of the Mississippi River. Here, their roots lie deep in the wind-driven loess soil that blankets a deep deposit of limestone rock. Kissed by the dew and mist from the Mississippi, they spend long hours bathing in the sun, gently ripening to full-bodied goodness.
Come visit us, take the beautiful Apple Blossom Drive North from La Crescent (8 miles). Turn right onto County Road 12. We are Located in the most beautiful valley of Apple Blossom Drive .
We feature the finest apples of the Minnesota
Fruit Breeding Farms.

Explore our web-site, then come and explore our Orchard and Retail Store for a wonderful experience.

Call us to schedule bus tours and school tours at our Orchard. We have a huge parking area with easy access and turn arounds for bus tours.

Southwind Apple Orchard
P.O. Box 206
45440 Co. Rd. 12
Dakota, Minnesota 55925
Southwind Apples are Famous

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